Restaurant Shenanigans: D-Bar

3 desserts… 2 hungry eaters trying to pass the time before a show…1 Chocolate Martini… 0 complaints. Well that about sums it up. Great blog! See y’all Saturday!

I kid, I kid. Here we are again with another little diddy about a restaurant. Now I hear this place has regular food, but that’s not what we came for of course! D-Bar… Desserts… D… Desserts… see what’s happening here? Yes, Haris and I went to this restaurant only for dessert and it was well worth it, even before that beautiful chocolate martini above. Haris and I tend to not always want to eat the same things and our dessert tastes are no different. So we made a compromise here… we want with the 3 course dessert tasting sampler thing on the menu. I don’t remember what it was called and as the great blogger I am, I failed to jot it down (here’s to resolutions for 2020). But here’s what it consisted of:

First up, a playful take on strawberry shortcake (I think). It tasted delicious and that’s all that mattered. I loved every bite and actually would probably eat this as a full dessert item. But we had to leave room for the middle dessert, the one we chose (you don’t get to choose the first or last course, just the middle)… plus Haris kept hogging the bread part of the thing so I was extremely excited to move on.

Haris’s favorite dessert is a molten lava cake. He loves these… I mean we order Dominos Pizza and he wants one of these. It’s quite funny. So of course once we saw this on the menu we ordered the dang thang. It was really cool to watch them put this together. Sitting at the dessert bar you can watch the chefs cook up and plate all of the desserts which is AWESOME! and UGH it was perfect. There was molten chocolate cake, raspberry compote, pistachio ice cream and all the flavors you could ever imagine (or as far as I just listed) swirling around your taste buds creating a beautiful symphony of fireworks in your mouth that nothing else will ever create. I’m not being dramatic. It was that good. Definitely get it or you’ll be sorry.

Then to finish off the three courses, a bit of chocolate, a little brownie and a birthday cake macaron. The perfect ending to the perfect dessert meal. What can I say… give me sugar and I’ll pay you for it.

Either way, if you are in downtown dinner and looking for a great place for dessert check out D-Bar.


Address: 494 E 19th Ave, Denver,CO


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