Meal Prep: Week 49 of 2019

Well we are back to our normal eating schedule now that Thanksgiving is over, but that’s not to say Thanksgiving wasn’t a blast! And who doesn’t just love to munch on leftovers for a bit? Well now we are back to meal prepping and coming up with things to eat.

First up is a pasta dish that Haris and I actually made before Thanksgiving but have finished up during this week. It’s a basil Alfredo with spinach, carrots, broccoli and chicken. We bought the Alfredo already made and added the rest. It was easy and adding the veggies made it taste so good!

For breakfast this week I was back on my egg scrambles. I added turkey until we ran out and then opted for some Spam I had in the fridge. Yes, I eat Spam and I LOVE IT. I grew up poor so of course I love it. I didn’t always add the tortilla, but today I did and it was delicious! Sometimes you just need some extra carbs. Listen to your body y’all!

For lunches this week I actually eat bagged salads which aren’t pictured, which meant for dinners I wanted anything but salad, so we mixed it up. One night turkey leftovers, the next butternut squash ravioli from Trader Joes and the next bean burritos.

And now that December is here, things are only going to get a little more sporadic and crazy and meal planning will be interesting. Make sure to stay tuned and to check out all the cool Christmas Ideas I have in store for all of you! Also… if you read this far during the week leading up to Christmas we will be doing a give away… make sure to check out the details coming soon.


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