Meal Prep: Week 1 of 2020

Week one and we are feeling good! One of my goals this year is to eat less highly processed food. Which means that I will be working on making a lot more of the staple items I need. One of those things this week was tortillas. Now before anyone gives me any crap about these tortillas… sure, they aren’t perfect and they may not look like true authentic tortillas, but damn they were tasty.

Moving on from that little disclaimer, I made breakfast quesadillas this week as pictured above. They were pretty tasty! And they were very filling. Adding vegetables to breakfast is really a game changer. It adds great flavor and when mixed with eggs, cheese and a bread it keeps your brain fueled way better than a bowl of cereal.

For lunches this week I ate this lovely Cobb Salad from Binging with Babish’s cookbook. If you don’t think you need a recipe for a salad, believe me friends you DO! I’ve tried making my own salads so many times just to be greatly disappointed. So now I use recipes, even if that means that I have to go to 2 different stores for the ingredients (this happened here…why doesn’t my normal grocery store have endives or watercress?). Anyways, this salad was great. I love the eggs, chicken and bacon combo! Also, the recipe in the cookbook comes with its own salad dressing recipe!

Lastly, Haris made dinner this week (except the cheese sauce for the pasta and buns pictured) and he chose to make bean burgers! So keeping true to my goal this week I made the buns from scratch. They were super easy too! Now I wish they were a little bigger, but they were awesome! And these bean burgers, while we wish the little guys would have kept their shape a little better, we LOVED them! I loved the fact that I didn’t feel super stuffed or weighed done after I ate it. Of course, it doesn’t taste just like a regular burger, but it was truly worth it.

And that’s it… well except for the cost part of the blog!! Hope you enjoy it! And as always, if you need recipes, let me know!

Breakfast- Total: $11.68 ($2.34 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Lard- $3.99
  • Flour- $0 (already had)
  • Eggs- $2.70 (my portion of 48 from Costco split with my roommates)
  • Shredded Cheese- $0 (already had)
  • Kale- $0 (already had)
  • Peppers- $0 (already had)
  • Onions- $0 (already had)
  • Prosciutto- $4.99

Lunch- Total: $25.34 ($5.08 per meal- 5 meals)

  • Red Wine Vinegar- $3.19
  • Lemon- $0.89
  • Tomatoes- $1.81
  • Lettuce- $1.49
  • Chicken- $5.99
  • Bacon- $5.99
  • Watercress- $2.99
  • Endive- $2.99
  • Sugar- $0 (already had)
  • Garlic- $0 (already had)
  • Eggs- $0 (already had)

Dinner- Total: $21.71 ($1.81 per meal- 12 meals)

  • Black Beans- $2.00
  • Panko- $1.99
  • Red Bell Peppers- $2.00
  • Cilantro- $3.34
  • Shallot- $0.30
  • Onions- $3.26
  • Tomatoes- $5.13 .
  • Cheddar- $3.49
  • Parmesan- $3.50
  • Noodles- $2.99
  • Spices- $0 (already had)
  • Flour- $0 (already had)
  • Milk- $0 (already had)
  • Cream- $0 (already had)
  • Yeast- $0 (already had)

Total for week: $58.73 spent for 22 meals (average of $2.67 per meal)


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