Restaurant Shenanigans: Puka Dog

When you think Hawaii you don’t think hot dogs but if you don’t get a Hawaiian style hot dog, you will be really sad. Haris and I hit up Puka Dog in Poipu, Kauai this past week on a recommendation from our friends Ali and Ilene. We typically always follow their recommendations because they love food just as much, if not more than we do. After spending some time at the beach we headed over to this little outdoor shopping mall and waited in a line of about 20 people in order to get this hot dog.

Now it’s a 4 step ordering process:

  1. Pick your hot dog: Polish or Veggie
  2. Pick your spicy amount: Mild through Lava
  3. Pick your relish: Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Banana or Star Fruit.
  4. Choose either the Lilikoi Mustard or get regular mustard

Haris and I decided that between the two of us we would get three hot dogs. One to share and then we would each get out own. This way he could try the lava spice (which I did not want) and I could get a mild spiced hot dog. The third hot dog could then be a compromise of flavors.

Here are our flavor combos:

  1. Polish Sausage, Lava, Starfruit Relish, Lolikoi Mustard (Haris)
  2. Polish Sausage, Mild, Pineapple Relish, Lolikoi Mustard (Mine)
  3. Polish Sausage, Spicy, Mango Relish, Lolikoi Mustard (Shared)

To be honest I would probably go with the spicy over the mild. It’s actually not too spicy! The pineapple relish is a great traditional Hawaiian flavor, but also don’t be afraid to try the starfruit! Haris loved it! With that said, he just told me that if he could do it again he would get the Lava with the Mango Relish!

As you will see what makes these hot dogs truly unique isn’t just the exotic relishes, its the hot dog style itself. You see the bun isn’t anything like you traditionally see. Instead, they cut a hole in the bun (no open slits here) put in the sauces and the hot dog and BAM you’ve got a Hawaiian style dog.

And it’s delish! Also, make sure to grab a cup of the handmade lemonade. It’s literally made by hand right in front of you… like each individual serving is made by someone right in front of you! It’s great!

So if you are in Kauai, after all the craziness in the world passes, swing by Puka Dog!



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