Meal Prep- Week 11 of 2020


So we returned from Hawaii before shit started to get really crazy here. When we got home we realized that we didn’t have food so we went to brave the grocery store. And it goes pretty much as you can imagine… there was not a lot of “normal” foods to purchase and we were forced to purchase the odds and ends left in the store!

But you know what… my whole life has prepped for this moment! I love being able to take random ingredients and turn them into something magical! Example number one (above): Ramen Stir-fry!

For the dish above I simply used Ramen Noodles, half a zucchini, a full zucchini squash, half an onion, some carrots, some SPAM, two eggs, and sweet chili sauce! Not only was it filling it tasted great!

Next up I grabbed some romaine salad, shredded carrots, and a Boca Spicy Chik’n Patty and some ranch to make a wonderful lunch that was not only healthy, but also pretty normal to eat.

Last up I found some microwaveable Coconut Rice and decided to make a tropical fried rice with SPAM, eggs, onions and carrots.

The key to the next few weeks with food is to have fun with it. A food scarcity mindset is really easy to fall into with the constant pictures of empty shelves and the news right now, but if we can have fun with meal planning and prepping it takes some of the edge off of this whole fear mindset. If you need any inspiration feel free to reach out!

And like usual, here is this week’s food costs:

Breakfast (even though we didn’t talk about it)- Total: $1.99 ($0.28 per meal- 7 meals)

  • Eggs- $0.00 (Already Had)
  • Carrots- $1.99 (used throughout many meals)
  • Oatmeal Packets- $0.00 (Already Had- took to Hawaii with me)
  • Shredded Cheese- $0.00 (Already had)

Lunch- Total: $8.69 ($2.17 per meal- 4 meals) 

  • Bagged Salad- $5.00
  • Carrots- $0.00 (Already had from breakfast)
  • BOCA Chik’n- $3.69 (Already had)
  • Ranch $0.00 (Already had)

Dinner (Tropical Fried Rice)- Total: $11.89 ($2.97 per meal- 4 meals)

  • Coconut Rice – $6.98
  • SPAM- $3.69
  • Eggs- $0.00 (Already Had)
  • Onion- $1.22
  • Carrots- $0.00 (Already Had)

Dinner (Ramen Stir-fry)- Total: $7.09 (1 meal)

  • Ramen Noodles – $.80
  • SPAM- $3.69
  • Eggs- $0.00 (Already Had)
  • Onion- $0.00 (Already Had)
  • Zucchini- $1.30
  • Zucchini Squash- $1.30
  • Carrots- $0.00 (Already Had)

Total for week: $29.66 spent for 16 meals (average of $1.85 per meal)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie says:

    That ramen stir fry looks so good! Glad you made it back ok. Stay well!


    1. kellis4 says:

      Thanks Katie!! I think I’m going to do a recipe blog for it this next week!! Hope you are doing well!


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