Restaurant Shenanigans: Cherry Cricket


Wow. The past few weeks have been the strangest weeks of my life and I’m sure they have been pretty strange for all of you too. It’s been really hard to want to write a blog about food or restaurants when in reality we can’t really go anywhere and the grocery store shelves are still empty… thank you panic shoppers. Plus, as someone who loves a bit of routine (nothing too rigid, just my own creature comforts) these past weeks of transitioning to working from home and staying home have not been easy. But we must persist and keep trying to keep things as normal as possible. So here we go… a little blog about a great burger place in the Cherry Creek area out here in Denver.

Cherry Cricket is a great place to get your friends together and grab a burger. I’ve been here a few times with my roommate Michelle. What’s really awesome is even if you have to wait for a bit (which we typically do because the place is so popular) there’s this mini arcade area where you can play some games and hangout until your table is ready!

But the real showstopper is the macaroni and cheese bites. We order them every time because honestly, what is better than mac and cheese, breaded and fried? I mean look at the picture below… I know your mouth is watering and when we all get out of this quarantine life you will need to go and get some of these. It’s okay to just stare at the screen for a bit. I too miss being able to sit and eat these in a restaurant setting.

The next few photos are merely to showcase my friends picky eating habits. Jared who only eats meat, eggs, and the occasional avocado orders his burgers like the first picture below while Michelle who sometimes eats a bun and sometimes doesn’t orders like the second picture at times. How lucky we are to always be able to customize our orders… something we’ve taken for granted… is quarantine over yet?

Then there is my order… no frills, just straight up. The burgers here are really good. I’m typically not a burger person, unless I’m going to Red Robin (Yummmmmm). These burgers however are great! The fries are not as good as Red Robin fries, but it’s all good… unless they forget your ranch, like they did for me here.

Haris is always the odd one when we go to get food with others. He tends to go for strange things like chicken hearts, full squids, or milkshakes. Okay I know milkshakes aren’t that weird but he gets them with almost every burger he eats when we go out. But it’s also a good thing he does this, because that means we get a milkshake review. He takes this seriously… see his face below? That’s his serious face. Overall, he enjoyed this milkshake. He said it was great for the price (which was like $5).

Overall, if you haven’t been to Cherry Cricket, don’t be afraid to check them out with to-go/ delivery options available right now, or go after quarantine! I’ll make sure to put their info below. If you have the money and time, help keep places like this in business and order some food from them during these times!! And as always feel free to ask any questions.


Address: Cherry Creek- 2641 E 2ND AVE | DENVER, CO 80206// Ballpark- 2220 BLAKE STREET | DENVER, CO 80205

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