Special Edition: Kauai Coffee Self- Guided Tour

By now you all now that I am in love with coffee. It could be the fact that I worked in a coffee shop for about 11 years of my life, or that my mom is addicted. Either way, when we saw that we could do a tour of a coffee farm, we were like, um yes please.

Not wanting to pay for an actual tour (come on we are cheap…can you blame us with $200k each in student loan debt) we went inside and to try some free coffee!

Beyond the shop doors was a set up of coffee and a ton of people not social distancing since that wasn’t a thing yet. There were three tables set up like the middle photo above… SO MUCH COFFEE TO TRY! Ultimately the Toasty Banana Nut Cream is my new favorite!! Who would have thought this would be a great coffee flavor?

After trying a few cups of coffee we headed outside to embark on our self guided walking tour through part of the farm area. The little tour was pretty cool actually.

The signs throughout told the history of coffee and some fun facts about coffee, such as: NEVER PUT YOUR COFFEE BEANS IN THE FRIDGE OR FREEZER!

As the tour continued you learned about the process of growing, harvesting and processing coffee! It was so cool to see some of the equipment used such as this tractor with these teeth which help shake the cherries from the trees!

The coffee tree flowers were starting to blossom letting out a slightly jasmine smell and they were beautiful! I mean look at them above! The air was filled with the earthy smell of the Hawaiian red dirt and the faint smell of jasmine produced from the trees. Even before we arrived at the coffee farm we could smell the difference in the air! The tour was short, but totally worth it! Ocean views among coffee trees and flowers equals a perfect day out in Hawaii!

So if you are out on Kauai swing by and take the coffee tour on the south side of the island. Not only do you get to learn some cool coffee facts, you can try as much coffee as you want! And while we wait for the covid-19 virus to pass check out their website: https://kauaicoffee.com/

Stay healthy and safe out there everyone!


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