Meal Prep: Week 12 & 13 of 2020


Quarantine has me only wanting to eat small meals or snacks lately. Anyone else?

For breakfast I’ve been eating these dumplings and some scrambled eggs. It’s interesting to see how my breakfast tastes have changed over the years and since there’s not much to talk about these days. I used to really only want sweet items like muffins, danishes, and pop-tarts. These days I get excited for savory items… dumplings, eggs, veggies and I’m always looking to change it up even more.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to eat was SPAM and lately I’ve been on a SPAM kick again. This time with rice, eggs and some passionfruit mustard. It. was. so. good. It’s also a very easy dinner to make and packs some good protein. Also helps that if you have rice, SPAM and eggs from your shopping you can just throw this meal together and all will be well!

Last up I’ve been working to incorporate a TON more veggies in some of my meals with the hope to have meals that are solely plant based. Baby steps though, because if I know myself well, and I sometimes do, I know that if I jump to straight plant based it will last a day and then I’ll give up.

So I made some fish, spanish rice with peppers and then sautéed some baby peppers, squash and zucchini. SO GOOD! With the right seasonings, these veggies help fill out any meal!

Note: after all this chaos is over I will return to posting the weekly budget. Right now don’t stress about what you can and cannot do with food, just make it through these times the best you can!!


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