Travel: Week 10 of 2020- Kauai, Hawaii

I’ve been putting off this blog because I wish I was in Hawaii again just eating shaved ice and laying on the beach instead of being stuck in quarantine. Anyways, travel back a month ago with me to another place… a magical paradise.

One of my favorite treats in Hawaii was shaved ice! Now I made Haris go with me and get this even when he didn’t want it. I, of course, also couldn’t just get shaved ice with a single flavor. I opted for combo flavors like a pina colada that included condensed milk, chunks of pineapple and of course the best flavors! I mean, look at these beauties. When in Kauai head over to Uncle Shaved Ice and have the most magical treat! It’s worth it!

The next four pictures from a little place called Hamura Saimin Stand. Haris found this place when looking for traditional eats of the island. The pictures above are of Saimin, a type of noodle soup… delicious Hawaiian chicken noodle soup to be exact. Below is the rest of our meal form the Saimin Stand. On the left a Lilikoi Chiffon pie (SO GOOD!) Lilikoi is passion fruit and it’s a very prominent flavor on the island and good in just about everything…including mustard. On the right we chowed down on some pork dumplings with a sweet chili sauce!

We enjoyed SO much food on our week long trip but I wanted to still show off a few of our less glamorous meals. One of the nice things about our Airbnb was that we had a fridge, coffee maker, and a toaster. So to save money and our appetites, we opted for oatmeal and fruit at home in the mornings with a side of coffee. Though on our first grocery store adventure, we of course grabbed some breakfast SPAM musubi (on the left below). I love that SPAM is incorporated in so many dishes there. I love SPAM. Anyways… I hope this blog makes you think happy thoughts and doesn’t depress you. If you are feeling down or feel like you are missing out on adventures in life and with food, just remember this… we will once again be able to go and enjoy all the food we missed out on during this time. AND IT WILL TASTE AMAZING! HANG IN THERE.

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