Meal Prep: Week 26 of 2020


Welp, we’ve made it halfway through the year. Can you believe it?? This year feels like it’s both moving quickly and yet not at all. Nevertheless here we are still moving and grooving and feeling a little more normal. I took a hiatus as my life went through some turbulence (i.e. a pandemic, a second job, a move, and a break-up) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating! Here’s a little peek at what I ate this past week!

For lunch I really wanted something with a good amount of protein, but also some rice. So I grabbed some Zataran’s Dirty Rice and added some little shrimpies and andouille sausages instead of ground beef. Not only did it pack in extra protein but it tasted great and took about 15 minutes to prepare in total. 6 Total meals- cost per meal: $4.00

Now dinners were pretty tasty too. I found this adobe chili marinade for chicken. Cut it up, marinaded it for about 20 minutes, and baked it in the oven. I purchased a pre-made mango pico de gallo and added cheese and sour cream for a wonderful Mexican flavored dish. I didn’t keep the receipt so I’m not too sure how much it costs, but it wasn’t too expensive. That’s for sure.

Here are a few other dishes I checked out recently. On Friday of last week I hit up a bistro to catch up with a friend and we feasted on these small plates on the left (burrata, duck conift, and crab cakes) at YaYa’s Euro Bistro. Then this more recent Friday I snagged an invite over to a small family bbq where a brisket that was so tender and so scrumptious.

Last up is the weekend treats. I know this year’s Fourth of July is filled with uncertainty and taboo, rightfully so, but sometimes you have to find balance, celebrate but realize the wrongdoings of the past. While reflecting on the holiday, we made some burgers and french fries and some Bomb Pop Mimosas… which was a fantastic idea. Just grab some Bomb Pops and some champagne… put the open Pop in a glass and pour champagne over it and BOOM you are good to drink up!


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